We have also visited restaurants in Franklin TN virtually before. I am going to bring you by three of them so that you can choose which one sounds best to you. I used to live in Murfreesboro, so I remember well the name Franklin, as it was a city not far away. Franklin, TN brings you all kinds of great food, and I am going to show you three great places that you might want to give your attention.

First up is Cool Springs Brewery, and I see some delicious pizza in a picture on a top travel site. This establishment is on Frazier Drive, and fish and chips and a Reuben are also on the menu. One reviewer mentions this place serves up great local beer, and that makes sense. I forgot for a moment that it was a brewery! Enjoy your time at Cool Springs Brewery.

Next up on the list for Franklin restaurants is Cool Cafe. Now if I can just find one more place with cool in the name. In all seriousness, Cool Cafe sounds ‘cool’ to me, and it is on Hillsboro Road. There, you can get fried chicken, deviled eggs and all kinds of great food. Banana pudding even makes the menu highlights. Since I see collard greens and have already mentioned fried chicken, this one is the winner to me so far because I really like soul food.

Last on this list of three restaurants in Franklin is Old Chicago, located on Cool Springs Boulevard. Did you notice that? It doesn’t have cool in the name, but cool is in the street name. Boy does the food look good, too! This is an Italian restaurant, and while I am still up for visiting Cool Cafe first, I really think this looks like a great restaurant to visit, too. Which Franklin TN restaurant will you and yours visit first?