The video shows a cyclist getting hit by a car. (Source: Facebook)


Cyclists across Nashville are equipping themselves to hold drivers accountable by installing cameras on their bikes.

After Greg Goodman caught a hit-and-run driver on camera on Natchez Trace Parkway in July, Nashville bikers want everything documented. The Harpeth Bike Club in Franklin is placing bulk orders are Fly6 and Fly12 bike cameras for their members.

“It’s sad, but it’s the world we live in,” Rod Brickel said.

Brickel owns R.B.’s Cyclery in Franklin and is an active member of the bike club. He sees the cameras as a necessary precaution against impatient drivers.

“Unfortunately the world we live in is everything has to be right now,” Brickel said.

The driver in the hit-and-run video Goodman captured faces federal charges.

The incident sparked a call for more accountability on the road. Goodman said he’s been taking the step for years.

“I got scared that something might happen to me,” he explained.

He said he was grateful placing the camera on his helmet was part of his routine the morning of the crash.

“I have nightmares thinking, ‘what if I just had woken up that morning and I hadn’t charged the batteries?'” Goodman said.

Goodman said the video gave drivers and motorists a voice. He hopes more cameras will mean safer behavior from both parties.

The Harpeth Bike Club is working on a second bulk order for their cyclists. The cameras go on the front and back of the bike so cyclists can capture the scene whether they’re riding alone or with others.

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